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CBD Vape Juice

Otium CBD is produced in the UK to an extremely high standard within our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Our parent company has been established for over 12 years, and is dedicated to offering only the best in product development and authenticity, which sees our products readily available in over 1,500 outlets nationwide, with over 150 dedicated retail stores where Otium CBD vape juice is available to purchase straight off the shelf.

Otium CBD oral drops are produced utilising only the highest purity CBD isolate, with no unnecessary additives, the very best flavours and sector-leading quality standards of production. Renowned manufacturing excellence has been expertly applied to create Otium CBD vape juices exclusively for use in e-cigarettes, and we have the perfect pen style device to use it in.

Otium CBD: Natural flavours = great taste! 

Otium CBD products are the pinnacle CBD experience...


The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

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Otium CBD vape juice defines the quality standard for CBD vaping products.

Manufactured in the UK by a sector-leading vaping company using only the highest purity of CBD isolate available, Otium is ready to take over this emerging market, which has become one of the fastest growing sectors within vaping in a relatively short space of time. Otium CBD vape- liquid has been created explicitly for use with e-cigs and has no needless additives, allowing this range to focus on providing a CBD vaping experience that will not be easily matched.

Otium CBD vape juice does not contain nicotine, it is made only from PG, VG, flavouring and CBD. CBD isolate contains only the purified cannabinoid CBD, which is manufactured through an extraction process from the plant, and then isolated from the other plant-based compounds via a multi-step purification process.

CBD vape juice flavours

With a range of delicious flavours such as sweet strawberry, a tasty strawberry flavour that’s juicy and sweet. Lemon zest, a tangy and sour lemon bursting with citrus. Mint menthol, a refreshing spearmint with cooling menthol. Iced Blackcurrent, a refreshing combination of tangy and sweet notes with a cool, crisp finish.

Otium CBD caters to all vaping tastes and our cbd vape juice can be used in virtually any e-cig device, including sub ohm coils to help provide vapers with the ultimate in CBD freedom. If you are new to CBD, then starting with this low strength is advisable. This will allow you to gain personal experience using CBD, and potentially increase strength option based on what works for you. and working upwards until you find what works for you is advisable.

PG / VG Ratio - 7050 / 3050

Strengths of CBD vape juices available

Made in the UK